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Born in 1981 in Athens, Siemos Yiannis is an accomplished designer and digital artist with a passion that has fueled a remarkable career. Graduating with honors from VAKALO Art & Design College in graphic design, he further honed his skills at AKMI Institute, specializing in graphic design, 3D Animation, Web Design, FLASH, and Action Script.

Throughout his artistic journey, Siemos Yiannis has been at the forefront of multimedia production and photography, enriching his craft with diverse influences. Since 2005, he has been a dedicated freelancer, specializing in graphic design, visual communication, web design, and the creation of mesmerizing Digital Art images.

As a testament to his artistic versatility, Siemos Yiannis also delves into the world of 3D photorealistic images, crafting stunning visuals for videos, presentations, and interactive applications. His passion for sharing knowledge shines through as he lectures on design programs and conducts enriching seminars through LAEK – Employment Agency.

Many of Siemos Yiannis’s projects have been distinguished both in Greece and other countries, solidifying his reputation as a visionary in the world of design and digital art. He works and lives in Athens.

Beyond his artistry, Siemos Yiannis is also a distinguished judge for the NftDesignAwards, lending his expertise and discerning eye to recognize outstanding talents in the NFT art community.

Join us on this enthralling journey into the boundless world of Yianart, where art and design collide, and the magic of digital creativity takes center stage.

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